A very busy Friday!

We have had a very busy day today. Our letter of the week this week was 'i'. We started the day with an Insect Hunt in the Wilderness Area. We found spiders, slaters and lots of cicada shells. We decorated Mrs Hildred's top with the cicada shells.

Then we made Indian headbands and ice-cream using frozen bananas. It was so yummy!

Mrs Ousey and Mrs Hildred got lots of things out for us at Discovery time. Our favourite things to play with was the ice and instruments. Mrs Hildred made some big ice blocks and put some special jewels that we had to get out.  What a FUN day!!!


  1. Mrs Hildred, are those insects alive on you or is it just the shells! It looks like Room Nine has had an amazing week this week! What a lot of cool activities that you have got up to. I especially love that you were able to make banana ice cream when it was such a hot week!

  2. Wow Room 9 it looks like you had such a great Friday. I bet it was nice and cooling playing with ice on such a hot day. Those ice creams look delicious. So many "i" words! Ice, Ice Cream, Insects, Instruments. I wonder what you will be doing for your letter L this week? I look forward to seeing. Jenny (Connor's mum)