Funny Photos








We have been learning all about the digraph 'ph' so for our Letter of the Week activity, we took funny photos of ourselves and made a photogrid. We think we look simply gorgeous...what do you think?????

Shape Pictures

We got together with Room 10 for maths today and made these funky pictures using a variety of different shapes. We have been learning all about shapes and how many sides and corners different shapes have.


Well done everyone, we completed the School Walk-a-long!!! Not only did we complete it, but we walked it with big smiles. We raised about $2300 for our Long Jump Pit. Thank you everyone for your support!

New World Little Gardens

We have planted our New World Little Gardens. They are growing really well and we will be sending these home soon. It would be great if you could plant these at home and keep us updated as to how they are going.

Birthday Peacock

Happy 6th Birthday Tessa! Thanks for bringing in your Fruit Peacock. In Dutch culture, it is customary for the Birthday person to bring in something to share with the class.